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I've learned about nail fungi and some of the actions that can cause nail fungi on the toes, so this time I'll show you how to treat them easily.

You don't have to be confused to find a solution to your problem, but you can just go to the kitchen and check the salt content of the nail fungus.

This is how to remove the nail fungus with salt.

Yeah, you can use salt as an ingredient to cure the fungus on your nails. But there are steps you have to follow properly, here are them:

Cut your affected nails with a clean nail clipper. This is done to reduce moldy toenails as much as possible so that salt can reach areas where fungi are growing more efficiently.

Prepare the basin and fill the basin with warm water to a height sufficient to soak your toes. Be careful not to heat the water too high.

Roll the paper towel and place it under your heels. This is done to make sure all fingertips are submerged in water.

Put 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide in water, mix well, and soak your feet in water.

Remove wet feet and pour salt particles onto fungal-infected toes. Run for about 3 minutes. Therefore, within 3 minutes, put about 1½ cups of salt in the basin first.

Put your feet back in the basin and leave them for 30 minutes.

Lift your feet and tap them with a clean, dry towel to dry. Massage with soft feet and toes to promote blood circulation to the toes.

Add 1-2 drops of vinegar to moldy nails

Do it for 30 minutes daily until the fungus is completely gone and the nails are healthy again. It is also highly recommended to soak your feet in salt water, at least once a week after the fungus has disappeared, to prevent the fungus from returning.

These are the steps you can take to treat nail fungi. In addition, you should avoid wearing shoes or socks for a while.