カイエンを処理する方法は 潰瘍性口内炎のペッパー

2021/02/17 00:58 趣味 家族 健康

Most people are experiencing candidiasis. The scratches are small, but they are tingling. Parents are not frustrated by the appearance of ulcerative pain in their lips, not in their children.

There are suggestions for treating thrush with cayenne pepper. Chew cayenne pepper and then apply to ulcer pain to cure. Hello ... Is it easy to try? Thrush is an oral disorder that may be considered trivial to heal itself, but if the pain in the ulcer is severe, the pain may not stunt.

You may have no appetite on the wound, but it hurts, I'm sorry. Known for its spicy taste, cayenne pepper is not a panacea that immediately relieves ulcer pain. This is just a myth.

Cayenne pepper contains capsaicin, which is useful as an antioxidant and vitamin C. One of the causes of stomatitis is a deficiency of vitamin C. Both ingredients help cure aphthous ulcer by repairing the tissues in the mouth. However, there is no scientific evidence that the habit of biting pepper can treat thrush.

Capsaicin can actually exacerbate ulcer pain due to the hot sensation of peppers. It is so spicy that it can actually irritate the oral cavity. If the pain is also burning. Continuing to eat or sticking peppers can burn the tissue under the mouth and cause new inflammation.

Well, instead of curing the pain of ulcers, they add new illnesses. If the pain of the ulcer is the opposite, do not eat spicy foods.

Do you still remember when you were young that your parents forbade eating spicy and greasy foods? Avoid greasy and spicy foods as they can make your mouth uncomfortable and painful. However, eating fruits and eating lots of vegetables can prevent stomatitis.

In addition, vitamin C-rich fruits are known to prevent ulcerative pain. Vitamin C is synonymous with citrus fruits. However, there are other fruits that have a higher vitamin C content than oranges. What are you doing? Guava, mango, papaya, kiwi, strawberry, pineapple.