Dangers Children Excessive Sugar

2021/02/11 18:20 子ども 健康

It is undeniable that food or drinks become foods and drinks that are loved by children. Starting from candy, chocolate, biscuits, jelly and many more are foods that are loved by children.

Launching from the page, sweet foods are foods rich in glucose and are indispensable for children to support their growth and development. With a note, this glucose consumption is not excessive. Very dangerous for growth and development and the health of children. Here are the dangers of children like consuming excess sugar.

1. Cavities and Damaged Teeth

The first danger when children consume excessive sugar is the risk of cavities and damage to the greater. Children who have excess sugar, especially if they don't want to brush their teeth properly, are at very risk of experiencing severe tooth decay.

2. Obesity

Children who consume excess sugar will also be at risk of obesity many times greater than children who consume enough sugar. Several studies have found that children who consume excess sugar are obese or overweight. Not only children, adults who consume excess sugar will also be obese ..

Diabetes and Other Diseases Risk

3. Easily Hunger

Children who consume too much sugar will feel hungry easily. This is because excess glucose in the body can inhibit the hormone leptin, which functions to signal the body that the body is full and it's time to stop eating. Children whose sugar intake cannot be controlled , it is likely that they will also have difficulty controlling their other food intake.

4. Weak Brain

Children who consume excess sugar can experience a risk of brain weakness. He could have trouble catching the lesson. Not only that, children with excess sugar intake will also be more irritable, emotional and depressed. The feeling of children with excessive sugar consumption is because it is very difficult to control to be calmer.

5. Diabetes and Other Diseases Risk

Children who consume excess sugar will potentially have a greater risk of diabetes. He will also be more susceptible to various other diseases when he grows up.

So that children avoid the various dangers above, make sure to limit your children's sugar intake, Fimela Friends. Also make sure to balance your child's sugar intake with healthy foods such as vegetables, fruit, nuts, meat, eggs and whole grains. Also make. sure that your child brushes their teeth after consuming sugary foods or drinks to avoid getting sick or tooth decay.