Who teh winner of Life

2021/02/07 01:43 お菓子 作りおき イベント くらし

But he served us very badly, "argued the first person. He was still annoyed.

"Yes, that's her problem. He wants to be in a bad mood, to be rude, to serve badly, and so on, but it has nothing to do with us. If we are affected, we are letting him rule and influence our lives. Even though we are the ones responsible for ourselves. "

Friends, our actions are often influenced by the actions of others towards us. If they do bad things, we will repay them with even worse things. If they are rude, we will be even more rude. When other people are stingy with us, we, who were generous at first, suddenly become very stingy when we have to deal with that person.

Think about it. Why should our actions be influenced by others? Why is it that to just do good, we have to wait to be treated well by others first? Take care of the mood. Don't let other people's bad attitude towards us determine how we act! Choose to keep doing good, even if you accept what is not good.

The "winner of life" is the person who remains cool in a hot place, who remains sweet in a very bitter place, who still feels small even though he has grown up, and who remains calm in the midst of the most violent storms.