Recipe for Success: Have 1 Trillion

2021/02/07 01:32 お弁当 作りおき テーブルウェア 家族

Recipe for Success: Have 1 Trillion Rupiah

David Osborn, one of America's millionaires, once told about a conversation that changed his life. Making then a self-made millionaire with a wealth of around 70 million dollars (1 Trillion Rupiah).

One day Osborn attended a party. There he met an American billionaire ..

Osborn had been curious about this person for a long time. At first he was hesitant to greet this person. After a fierce inner debate in his head, he finally ventured to say hello and get acquainted.

Osborn didn't want to take this guy up too long.

But until then, the billionaire's attitude was very friendly to Osborn. Not wanting to take up any longer, here we go, Osborn asked what he really wanted to ask: this guy's RECIPES for SUCCESS.

"The secret to my success is very simple," the billionaire replied. "Of all the work I have to do each morning I select only SEVEN things that are most important."

"Okay, seven things." Osborn said.

"Of the seven things earlier, I did THREE at the top."

"Have you?" Asked Osborn.

"Yes, that's my whole secret to success," replied the billionaire.