story of roses and bamboo trees

2021/02/07 01:23 子ども 旅行・お出かけ 趣味

In a garden, there is a garden of roses in bloom. The roses gave off a very fragrant aroma. With beautiful colors, many people stop to praise the rose. Not a few garden visitors take the time to take pictures in front of or beside the rose garden. Roses do have a charming appeal, everyone likes roses, that's a symbol of love.

While, on the other side of the garden, there was a group of bamboo trees that looked boring. From day to day, the shape of the bamboo tree is just like that, there are no flowers in bloom or the fragrance that many people like No one is praising the bamboo tree. Nobody wants to take a photo next to a bamboo tree. So do not be surprised if bamboo trees are always jealous when they see the rose garden surrounded by many people.

"Hi roses," said the bamboo one day. "You know, I've always wanted to be like you. It blooms beautifully, has a fragrant aroma, is always praised as beautiful and is a witness of beautiful human love," continued the bamboo in a sad tone.

Mawar who heard this smiled, "Thank you for your compliment and honesty, bamboo." He said. "But you know, I'm actually jealous of you."

The bamboo was amazed, he did not know what made roses jealous of him. There is no part of bamboo that is more beautiful than roses. "How strange, why are you jealous of me?"

"Of course I envy you. Just look, you have a very strong stem, when the storm comes, you stay afloat, don't shake a bit," said the rose. "As for me and my friends, we are very fragile , just a little wind, our petals will come off, our life is very short, "added the rose with a sad tone.

Bamboo realized that he had the power. The power that he took for granted was amazing in the eyes of the rose. "But roses, people are always looking for you. You're always a pretty house decoration, or a girl's hair ornament, "

The rose smiled again, "You really are bamboo, I am often used as decoration and sought by people, but you know, I will wither a few days later, not like you,"

Bambu returned confused, "I don't understand,"