spirit of the Envelope Seller Grandpa

2021/02/07 01:18 イベント くらし 家族

The story of the Envelope Seller Grandpa

This true story was written by an ITB lecturer named Rinaldi Munir about a grandfather who was not afraid to struggle to live by earning a living from selling envelopes at the Salman Mosque ITB. Nowadays, envelopes are not something that is really needed, it is not Let's look at the story of "Grandfather Envelope Seller at ITB". Uncommon for this grandfather to not sell and come home empty-handed.

Every time I go to the Salman Mosque ITB for Friday prayers, I always see an old grandfather sitting in front of his wares. He sells paper envelopes that are already wrapped in plastic. At first glance, the merchandise feels "strange" among other traders Who fill the shocked market around Jalan Ganesha every Friday. Traders in the surprised market generally sell food, clothing, pirated DVDs, children's toys, shoes and other accessories. Of course it is a bit strange that he "narrowed" himself to sell envelopes, things that are not really needed in an era that is completely electronic like today. The heyday of conventional mailing was over, but Grandpa kept selling envelopes.

Maybe Grandpa didn't keep up with the times, especially the fast and instantaneous developments in information technology, so he thought there were still people who needed envelopes to send letters.

The presence of the old grandfather with his unsold merchandise caused pity. Who would buy such envelopes? None of the passersby to the mosque were interested in buying it. Then there were people who rushed to the Salman mosque as if they did not care about the old grandfather's presence.

Yesterday when I was about to pray Friday at Salman, I saw the old grandfather sitting in a deep state. I had promised to buy the envelope after prayer, even though I didn't really need it. Yach, just want to help Grandpa sell His wares. After the Friday prayer and about to return to the office, I approached my grandfather. I asked how much the envelope cost in one plastic wrap. "A thousand", he replied in a low voice. Oh my God, the price Of an envelope containing ten sheets is only one thousand rupiah? That amount of money is only enough to buy two fried bala-bala at a fried vendor nearby. One thousand rupiah, which does not mean much to us, but for the old grandfather it means a lot. I choked and tried to hold back tears of emotion at the very cheap price. "I bought it, sir, ten packs", I said.

The grandpa looked happy because I bought a large number of envelopes. He put ten packs of envelopes containing ten sheets per pack into the former envelope box. His hands seemed to shake when he put the envelope into the box.

I asked again why he sold such cheap envelopes. Even though if we buy envelopes at the shop, it is impossible to get one hundred rupiahs. With one thousand may be can get five pieces envelop. The grandpa showed me the envelope purchase receipt at the grocery store. Written on the receipt were the purchase notes for 10 packs of letter envelopes valued at Rp7500. "Grandfather only take a little", he softly. So, he only took a profit of Rp. 250 for one packet of envelopes that contained 10 sheets. I was moved to hear the honest answer of the old grandpa. If the rogue merchant "cheated" the price by raising the selling price so that the profit was multiplied, the old man was only taking a meager profit. Even if you sell ten packs of envelopes, the profit is not up to buying rice packs on the roadside.Who is the person who wants to buy a lot of envelopes these days? In a day, ten packs may not be sold, let alone twenty envelopes so you can buy rice.