2021/01/22 03:24 昼ごはん

If you want to watch Korean dramas, you may have seen some scenes where Korean actors are eating Korean food at food stalls. The food looks delicious and of course unique, as it may never be available in Indonesia. However, not all Korean snacks, such as Pajoen and Korean pancakes, are difficult to make. Pajoen is a Korean fried food, only the ingredients are slightly different.

Pajoen Ingredients: Leak

(Chive can also be used)


For, water,


Salt to taste

Red pepper (with or without addition)

Source material:

2 tbsp Korean soybean paste (soybean paste)

1 tablespoon vinegar, eat

1 teaspoon sugar or honey

1 Clove onion chopped white

1 teaspoon sesame



Clean and chop the blue onions along the match.

Mix flour, water, salt and a small amount of sugar to make a pajone dough. Make it a little watery.

Heat a small amount of oil in a flat frying pan to make it round

Pour the batter in a circle.

Place the green onion spread on the dough

Batter the cover again.

Go back and forth until cooked. Ready to serve

For sauces, just put everything in a bowl and taste. If you like, you can immediately soak and eat Pajoen. Good luck