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There are different versions of the origin of the name of this menu. Add mashed potatoes and wait until it dries a little. Add the drained stick noodles. If you like fried stick noodle recipes and of course want to know other noodle recipes, give it a try. Next Noodle Recipe: A recipe for making spicy and practical noodles and special fried noodles. Desired recipe: How to make noodles.

Can be easily made using 13 materials and 9 fast working steps.

Ingredients required to fry sesame noodles (stick noodles) with piecel seasoning:

500 grams of stick noodles (Gomak noodles).

10 pieces of garlic were chopped / ground.

5 pieces of red onion

2 leeks.

2 chicken eggs.

4 white / green mustard vegetables.

Salt enough.

Enough water.

Pepper enough.

Fully sliced ​​Rawit Chili (if you like).

Enough cooking oil.

Sweet and spicy soy sauce.

Pecel seasoning is enough.

A recipe for making fried noodles with sambal pesel, using fried noodles on the roadside is not so delicious. Of course, if you mix spices and piecell sauce with yakisoba, the taste will be different, but this time I mixed it with the yakisoba recipe while using the Andariman seasoning. Put the noodles and mustard greens in a bowl and stir with the spices until uniform. Add stir-fried chicken on top of the noodles, and add spices such as shallot, red pepper, and garlic after warm cooking oil.

How to make Mie sesame (stick noodles) fried with piecel seasoning: cut

Put water in a pan / frying pan and put stick noodles (stick noodles are difficult to cook, so you need to cover all stick noodles with water ..

After cooking, wash the moist stick noodles in cold water to make them non-greasy (or add a small amount of cooking oil and stir well) and fry.

Heat the cooking oil in a frying pan, add mustard green until the garlic, onions, ginger and cayenne pepper are slightly wilted, and fry again until fragrant.

Place the stir-fried spices and vegetables on the side of the pan for a while, add the eggs and scramble until half cooked. It's sticky.

After that, boil the noodles before adding them, and mix well with the seasoning and the stir-fried egg.

When the noodles are a little dry, add a little water / cooking oil and mix well with the reconstituted spices. I will.

After stirring, add enough salt and pepper & sweet soy sauce.

Stir again and check the taste. If it tastes good, you are ready to serve the noodles.

You can eat it as it is or add a piecel seasoning. I happened to be using a piecel seasoning I bought from a regular herbalist who passed by in front of my house.

He taught me how to make yakisoba with simple yakisoba seasonings and easy-to-find ingredients. Despite using simple ingredients, this yakisoba recipe is very easy for young girls and mothers to practice with their cooking friends. Start with a special Javanese fried noodle recipe and complete the ace fried noodles from Chinese restaurant style seafood fried noodles. There are economical fried noodles, but the characteristic of Javanese fried noodles is the crushing of spices. If you add hazelnuts to the ground spices, the taste will be different.