4 つのレシピ 自宅でスパイシーでホットなおいしいセブラクを作りましょう。

2021/01/12 14:06 お弁当

Here are three recipes for making Sebrak broth that is simple, delicious and easy.

I will. 1. Cebu creamy bakso noodles.

Ingredients: -600ml

Water of

-50 grams of colorful onion crackers

-50 grams of curly noodles

-1 tablespoon of instant spicy fried rice seasoning.

-Shake off one egg

-Cut 3 meatballs into 4 parts

-3 glasses of full cream milk

Cooking method:

-Boil the water until it boils. Add crackers and curly noodles. Cook until the crackers are tender.

-Pour the seasoning of instant fried rice with spicy fried rice and eggs and stir well.

-Enter the fried paws first, then add the milk. Stir well and cook until boiling. Add 3 tablespoons of full cream milk.

-Taste test. Take out the creamy meatball noodles and prepare them for serving while warm.

2. Seblack meatballs with macaroni sauce.


-Two hands of acid cracker

-Two eggs were beaten

-5 meatballs, sliced

-Leak, sliced-200ml

Water of

-Sufficient cooking oil

-Sufficient salt


Fine seasonings:

-8 cayenne pepper

-4cm Kenker


5 cloves-5 cloves onions

Cooking method:

-Soak the aci cracker in hot water for about 30 minutes until soft and add a tablespoon of oil to prevent it from sticking.

-Fry the ground spices until fragrant. Save it on the edge of the pot.

-Make scrambled eggs until half cooked, add meatballs and spring onions and stir.

-Enter the water and wait until it boils.

-Enter the drained crackers. mix.

-Add salt and sugar and do a taste test.

-Remove and serve while warm.

3. Seblakmi.


―― 1 mile

--Two eggs

-2 tbsp sausage crackers

-Leek and cabbage

―― 1 Red onion

--One garlic

--1/2 grain, Emily

――7 red peppers

―― 3 cm kencur

-One small sachet in tomato sauce

-Mikakuto, salt, flavoring

-1.5-2 glasses of boiling water

Cooking method:

-Fry the eggs while stirring and drain

-Puree shallot, garlic, hazelnuts, kenker. Boil the peppers first and then grind them as well.

-Stir the ground spices.

-Give water, sauce, sugar, salt and spices.

-When the water thickens, give it hot water and a cracker soaked in meatballs to correct the taste.

-Please add the noodles after a while.

-Remove and provide.

4. Spicy sauce.


-Colorful crackers / onions (free)

-Fish ball

-Beef sausage

-Green mustard

--Two eggs

-2-3 glasses of water

-Powder broth

-Sweet soy sauce ground


--Six red onions

―― 3 Garlic

―― 1 cm kencur

-25 red bird's eye peppers

-5 curly red peppers


-Boil the crackers for about 10 minutes. Drainage

-Heating the oil. Cook the ground spices and fry until fragrant, first add scrambled eggs to the edge of the pan

After placing-add sausages, meatballs, pour water, then add boiled crackers Add salt, sugar, powder broth, soy sauce.

-Test the taste as needed. Ready to remove and serve.

-Add fried onions to make it more delicious.

5. Whole leg broth.

Photo: -1 ground


/ 4 nails

-1 egg

-2 tbsp chili powder

-Sufficient leak

-Bross (from close stew)


-3 Shallot

-2 clove garlic

-Two red pepper sizes

-10 Cayenne pepper (if you like)

-1 candle nuts-1 kenker


Cooking method:

-Boil half-cooked nails. Then throw the water. Bring to a boil again with fresh water until tender. To take the soup.

-Grind spices. Fry until cooked and add chili powder.

-Add a little soup. Then add the melted eggs while continuing to stir.

-Then enter the remaining broth. Add salt, sugar, mushroom broth and seasonings until you get the taste you want.

-Wait until cooked, take out and sprinkle with green onions to get ready to eat.