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Don't rush for instant coffee! Many health professionals explain the negative health effects of instant coffee. AKL does not recommend coffee fans to drink instant coffee.

AKL Kopi shares how to make manual coffee without tools or coffee makers. Note the different methods as follows

# 1-French press-like brewed coffee

The easiest way is to brew manual coffee without using the first "Like a Pro" coffee tool. Earlier I provided an article about making freshly brewed coffee, but this is another way.

How to brew coffee manually

When coffee is brewed, it is rich, oily and flavorful. If you want to make freshly brewed coffee with sugar, we recommend Robusta Lampung Premium Coffee, which has a rich, soothing aroma.

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What to look for:

Fresh coffee beans or powder

Hot water is about 95 ℃

Comparison of coffee and water 1:15. For coarse coffee grounds, use 2 tablespoons of 250 ml of water. If you have finely ground coffee powder, use 1 tablespoon in 250 ml of water.

2 cups, 1 for coffee maker, 1 for serving.

How to make:

If you're drinking coffee from beans, use a spice blender to grind it several times to bring it back to life and turn off the blender. Grinded blades tend to get hot and can spoil the aroma of coffee. The coffee will not burn slowly.

Put the coffee grounds in a cup and

Bring the water to a boil, then boil for 1 minute.

Pour hot water into the coffee cup.

Stir lightly and leave for 3 minutes.

The coffee powder will fall off and slowly pour the coffee water into another glass.

Add sugar as needed.

You can enjoy freshly brewed coffee such as French press.

# 2-Boiled coffee brewing

This boiled coffee can be made during or during camping. This method is typically used by lumbar forest rangers in forests in the TNBBS area. AKL once discovered that police were brewing coffee with hot water, but of course it wasn't hot enough to brew coffee. Next, I advised the TNBBS Forest Ranger to use boiled coffee. They prepare a campfire and boil coffee to make a delicious drink and strengthen the body.

If you want to make it at home, you can also use the tools that are common in household kitchen utensils. These utensils are in the form of pots, stoves, scoops and cups.

The result of brewing boiled coffee is very rich, oily, fragrant and has a caramel impression.

Materials and concerns

Robusta Lampung Petik Merah Coffee ground with powder. Try to use coffee that is not coarse and finely powdered.

Palm sugar. White sugar is also okay

The pot is a little expensive.

Do not leave the coffee bubbles as they can explode.

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How to make

How to brew coffee manually

Put more water in the pot than when you brew coffee. This time, sudden water evaporates 3/4, so add about 3/4 of the water than usual. This method leaves coffee slurry under the pot where water is not consumed.

Put coffee and sugar in the water in the pan and mix well.

Place the pan and heat it on the stove or other heater.

Wait for it to start bubbling

The coffee water slowly foams and the cream rises up

Don't wait anymore, put out the fire immediately.

Take water from coffee and pour it into a cup

Enjoy fragrant and concentrated coffee.

How to brew coffee manually

This boiled coffee can be stored in a pot or refrigerated. If you want to make cold milk coffee, just add milk and ice and it tastes like drinking fine iced coffee.

# 3-How to filter coffee with cloth or filter paper

Brewing manual coffee

The next method is to filter to infuse. This time, there are no chemex, v60, kone, let alone carita waves. These coffee tools are certainly worldwide and popular, and many baristas and coffee lovers rely on them.

Try it now with an emergency filter. Filter the coffee with a handkerchief, a used T-shirt, or the rest of the coffee filter.

Materials and concerns

Try from coffee beans crushed using a hand grinder or spice blender.

The roughness of the coffee grounds should not be too fine

Use tall cups / glass

280ml hot water 90-95OC

18g Arabica Mandarin Organic AKL Coffee

Handkerchiefs and filter papers, not odors or scents

Rubber or some clothes pins

How to make

Brew black coffee

How to brew coffee manually

Glue the filter media to the edge of the glass using rubber.

Bring the water to a boil.

Place the coffee grounds on the filter.

Sprinkle a little coffee powder to even out the dampness.

Wait 45 seconds.

Rinse gently again until the water reaches 280 ml.

Pull out the filter and you're ready to enjoy your coffee

Add sugar if you need sweeteners.

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Please do not make this coffee more than 2 minutes from the first infusion. Produces a natural and fresh character.

# 4-Use of bag coffee

Coffee pouch

Bag coffee is easy to carry anywhere and you can enjoy delicious coffee anywhere without pulp. With this product, you don't have to worry about not drinking coffee in your daily activities.

This is one way to enjoy real coffee, and you can't enjoy it right away without a coffee machine or tools. You only need a cup and hot water. Pour a bag of coffee into a glass and slowly pour hot water.

How to make

How to brew coffee manually

Peel off the top

Open the pouch coffee wing

Hang on the edge of the cup

Pour enough hot water

Enjoy a bag of coffee

The result of this coffee bag brewing is more concentrated, slightly oily and the aroma does not disappear. Try using a bag of coffee to prepare for your trip.

# 5-Manually brew coffee using the dip method

This method is similar to a tea bag, but you can make it yourself by wrapping the coffee with a coffee filter.

How to make a coffee dip:

-Roll the coffee and wrap it in a coffee filter

-Tie with a cloth rope

-Heat water until it boils

-Pour into a cup of coffee.

-3 minutes wait

-Pick up coffee and squeeze coffee packets

By making a pack of soaked coffee, you can take it with you wherever you are when you are traveling. No more complicated coffee tools.

These are five ways to brew coffee manually without the use of professional coffee tools. The purpose of the above method is to be able to brew coffee in all situations and emergencies.